Our Value Adding Strategic Approach
We have a three step risk mitigation approach to completion of the services, being funding from private equity investors, institutional investors and or Venture capital /now Hedge fund investors.

Our approach ;

•Value A; based on the feedback from our team on the ground. Led by AA Consulting and Associates Ltd. From Lessons leant after assessment, with the required understanding of the business and the required relationship. We evaluate to invest in Portfolio Companies through our added value creation for growths.

•Value B: Feedback from value A , we develop an investments program in phases to the portfolio companies, after evaluating the IRR potential , sever on the board with controlling interest, and where necessary conduct management participation (role) depending on the existing capabilities within the portfolio Company.

•Value C: Through a collaborative research, feedback reporting per performance on investment and, Lessons leant from the Portfolio Company, we exit with sustainable business for the entrepreneurs and with investor’s returns at a prime.