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Merge and Acquisition, disposal

With our team of experts and aligned professionals we are able to facilitated Merges, and acquisition, either hostel take overs or takeovers, and disposal of companies

Due diligence and New business formation

we conduct qualitative due diligence and quantitative verification Analysis.

Strategic (re-) structuring solution

our team provide strategic support for the development, turnaround and or management buyout solutions where necessary,

Our Purpose

our purpose is to align ourselves to build value for our investors, the entrepreneur, and partners to provide alternative resources and or capital required for building a sustainable business
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About Us

Active Capital Management is an investment company that seek to provide alternative financing, while growing the investee company through our three step value adding strategy. This through an extensive risk assessment and understanding of the business, then the potential of cash generation, as well as its sustainability to support the required investment. This is with our rigorous investments process in phases.

Our approach

Value A

based on the feedback from our team on the ground. Led by AA Consulting and Associates Ltd. From Lessons leant after assessment, with the required understanding of the business and the required relationship. We evaluate to invest in Portfolio Companies through our added value creation for growths.

Value B

Feedback from value A , we develop an investments program in phases to the portfolio companies, after evaluating the IRR potential , sever on the board with controlling interest, and where necessary conduct management participation (role) depending on the existing capabilities within the portfolio Company.

Value C

Through a collaborative research, feedback reporting per performance on investment and, Lessons leant from the Portfolio Company, we exit with sustainable business for the entrepreneurs and with investor’s returns at a prime.

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